White Oak Press has released all delayed shipments of anthologies that consumers have called in about and are on emergency listing to be shipped out first class media rate. White Oak Press is working diligently to satisfy the customers who have been waiting for their long over due product and asks the consumer to continue their patiences with the shipping and will be expecting their product after the holiday of the 4th of July or the week of.

White Oak Press unfortunately was workin with a third party printer that was delaying White Oak Press' printing job that was once outsourced to the third party to do in good faith and unfortunately was not completed in a reasonable time frame. White Oak Press has since implimented in house printing to complete the project of all the delayed shipments from Dec. on up into April to the consumers. White Oak Press asks for anyone who has been waiting between these months mentioned above to notify White Oak Press so they can solve the issue immediately for the customer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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