White Oak Press sent me a letter saying that my poem was chosen to be published and all I had to do was send in 20! What a lie I sent that in over 6 months ago with no avail.

BEWARE anybody who recieves anything from White Oak Press, they are nothing but a scam and if you have been scammed like me, we need to somehow sue the shi* out of them and get our money back!

Their website and phone number have been shut off so they must of been a fraudulent company. e-mail me at kristine_marchese@yahoo.com

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Burneyville, Oklahoma, United States #19913

is there any way i can get ahold of a number for them?

Redgranite, Wisconsin, United States #11777

:? Well I guess that answers my question. I've been waiting for my books for 2 months now.

I talked to someone from there and he told me it will take about 5 weeks to get them. Guess I'll never get them.

What can we do about this? Any legal advice??

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