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I sent White Oak Press a check and it has been cashed. I never received the prints, please help.

Is this a ligit company? I wish I would have done the research on this company before I sent them my money. I have called the company, and to know advil no return call. I know this is not a publishing company.

I have received several emails from this company, which I do not even know how they got my poems. I am now skeptical about sending money and my poetry.

I am so glad that all of my poetry is copyrighted.

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a month ago i send one of my poem that they was going to publish my poem and i was happy that one was going to get publish. i recieve a letter say that they was good to do a book so i send an money order to recieve my book i have been waiting for it for a while now to show my parents. Now that i found out that this was just a lie i want to get my money back becuase i wasted my money for nothing and its incorrect.


Im so 14..and i got the letter today? but I got mixed reviews..more complaints..but i dont it real or not??


Hi im 16 and I reseved a letter from wite oak press and I was so happy my famly would be so proud of me. after i told tham i looked at the letter once more and calld the numbers just procations every one should take before sending somthing in it had no ancering macheens it had after hours people ancering on a friday the letter even had bad gramor it looked like a *** wrote it and thay are working from a sweet !!!!!!!! what can i do to worn other people


I got a letter today saying tht they wanted to publish my poem but somehow it did'nt feel right and I was just looking for white oak press when something caught my eye and it said complains!! Thank god...I looked otherwise I would've been fooled too!

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada #13157

How did they get my daughter's poem? That is the scary part. Does anyone have any idea how White Oak Press gets a hold of my 16-year-old daughter's private poetry?

Palmyra, New York, United States #12994

It's sad that we pour our hearts into something we so much believe in , only to have someone take advantage of it. With so much excitement, after receiving my letter about my poem being included in this anthology, I quickly wrote out the check to receive a copy, which apparently, I will never receive and my money is just...gone. :sigh

Redgranite, Wisconsin, United States #11782

This scam is faud. The FBI should be notified.

We can send them an email about the scam. Im sure if we can get a lot of email's sent to the FBI website, they will probably do an investigation!

White House, Tennessee, United States #9210

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I received a letter from White Oak Press saying that they want to publish my poem in an anthology and if I want to buy the collection to send them a check. I did and ...Nothing. This is their address:


2833 SMITH AVE STE 151

BALTIMORE MD 21209-1426

Those who have been scammed and want to open an investigation please reply. Also if you have any suggestions on this investigation and how to go about it please answer back!

I heard that they are part of Poetry America or something like that.

Money doesn't grow on trees. Unfortunately crooks are everywhere including in arts

White House, Tennessee, United States #9206

Who wants to join me in an investigation. This is their address. We should call the local police and send them to this address:


2833 SMITH AVE STE 151

BALTIMORE MD 21209-1426

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