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I`m Cassandra Eckhardt again, it really important to me if any of publication or representative contact me as soon as possible at 315-942-5172 or my email address is cassandra_eckhardt@yahoo.com by the end of this week or next week no later concerning my poem I public 6/13/2008.

In addition, this company is no longer White Oak Press, it go by another name by my understanding when I was talking a woman at the White Oak Press. I would greatly appreciate it whose ever the publication are to please contact me at cassandra_eckhardt@yahoo.com or my phone number is 315-942-5172 as soon possible because I have pay for my poem to be public my grandparents money which was 19.95.

Thank you

Cassandra Eckhardt

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Kholargos, Attica, Greece #227257

Going on 2,1/2 years and you are still bent out of shape over 19.95 WTF is your problem???

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