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white oak press wanted money to publish my poem as my poem had only been sent to then they must be a part of it i will sue them if they do publish it as i have therights to the poem.and i have been offered a large sum of money by other publishers to put my poems in a book,i only write true poems, and the people who told me there life stories,which i put into poetry,are special.and all the money i get from poetry goes to a special fund.

so please dont be taken in by these *** artists.if your poetry is good you get paid. you dont have to pay any one to publish them.


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Friedberg, Hesse, Germany #12855

Wow, I have tried to make my own research about this issue, and I notice that I am not the only one who almost fall in this tramp.I received in march a letter form "White Oak press" telling me that my poem was so special and it would be a good one to publish it...I believed and inmidately I send my account #, it seemed to be true.

I was lucky that my bank close my account and noticed me it was a fraud (I didn't get charge).

Last week I received an email, telling me the same lie but I wont believe it again!!

I am writing my testimony and I hope, it helps other people to be aware of scams like WHITE OAK PRESS.

Oceanside, New York, United States #5529

I got a letter from White Oak Press saying the same thing.They said that they wanted to publish my poems in the new anthlogy.

Wow!I wrote my poems thinking that it was going to happen, but it was all a big lie.

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