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I wrote a poem for my grandmother who passed away in 2007.I sent it in for a contest hosted by White oak Press.

I also bought a copy of the anthology it was suppose to be published in. I received a receit and invoice and what not. That was March 2008. Here it is October 2009 and have not received anything from them.

I tried to call the company and there was no answer and no returned phone call. I am highly pissed because that was money I could have used else where and I want this taken care of.

Here soon i am going to take my complaint to the police.I do not suggest anyone to White Oak Press they are full of ***.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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The police will look at you and laugh.This is a copyright violation and you need to first get yourself a lawyer, study up on copyright laws, and then serve a copyright notice to them, state the damages caused, and that you intend to take them to court for those damages.

Look up how the RIAA and MPAA do it.They have a lot of online examples of notices gave.

As for jail or the police they will not do anything as this is considered debt they owe you and can't do a thing about it.

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